Fritz 8

Viva Media (Proprietary)

Fritz 8 is a game developed by Viva Media. It is a chess game that works three ways for players. It can be a coach, opponent, and trainer that can boost chess competitiveness. Using this game allows users to play faster and better on live games. It comes with more than 500,000 games in its database that give way to effective training. The game is fully customizable according to the gamer’s level. Novice players can set the game level to Beginner while others can go for a Grand Master level. It also comes with other training resources every gamer will need, such as introductory courses for beginners and comprehensive guides for advanced players.

Viewing the game is also adjustable according to gamers’ preferences through its tilt and zoom functions. It is like an accessibility option for gamers. With the game’s high-end graphics, users will enjoy playing in terms of the visuals, which is a vital component in every game. Gamers can also analyze their games with this as included feature. Through this analyzing feature, it will keep players from doing their usual mistakes and win on their future games. Fritz 8 is a high performing game, which is important for any gaming platform.