Friday Night 3D Pool

AI Factory (Proprietary)

Friday Night 3D Pool is a PC pool simulation game developed by the company, AI Factory. It enables players to enjoy the game in a 3D virtual environment. It features three well-known pool variants namely, snooker, 8-ball, and 9-ball. Players can compete with an AI opponent on single player mode. On the other hand, two players or two teams of four members can compete one-on-one on multiplayer mode. The setting of the pool game is a room in a cabin, wherein the player must accomplish various tasks such as meeting and defeating opponents, earning points, raising rankings, and moving on to the big league tournament room. There is a selection of opponent characters from which the player can choose – teenagers, the elderly, shady characters, and pool hustlers. Each of these characters comes with a profile, which includes a photo. However, it is only through playing these characters that the player can determine what their individual styles are.

Friday Night 3D Pool has an interactive component that is presented in the form of hot spots. Players must pay attention to objects such as light switches, and trophy cabinets and click on them in order to gain access to new cues and pool table designs. Before a game starts, the player can choose the difficulty level as well as the number of sets. The Aiming Cue is a tool that helps a player improve the accuracy of his/her shot.