Frets on Fire 1.3.110

Unreal Voodoo (Open Source)

Frets on Fire is a guitar simulation video game developed and published by Unreal Voodoo. It was first released on August 3, 2006. The game is based on the console game, Guitar Hero. The main difference is that the player uses the keyboard to instead of a joystick. The gameplay is the same as the Guitar Hero wherein the player tries to play the music using a virtual guitar. Colored markers represent the guitar chords.

The player’s goal is to achieve the highest score possible. This can be attained by achieving a high point multiplier until the song is finished. To attain a high point multiplier, the player must hit ten colored markers that appear on the screen without a miss. For each ten correct hits, the score multiplier is increased. These markers should match the music’s rhythm. Every time the player miss a chord or strum, the multiplier is reset.

Although the game utilizes keyboard, it also offers support for joysticks. There is also a built-in song editor, also known as the fretting tool, which is used for editing or creating songs to be used during the game. It also supports different applications such as the Freetar editor, dB editor, EOF editor, and more. The game also comes with the World Charts, which is the game’s official high score list.