FreshView (Freeware)

FreshView is an application which allows users to organize and view multimedia files such as images, audio and video. Movies, music, and graphics can be watched, listened to, and viewed in a slide show.  A slide show is a type of view where a number of files are displayed in a specified order. It is like watching a movie but this software shows different files of varying file types. Graphics or image files can be selected one-by-one or viewed on a thumbnail view where images are displayed as small images without opening. With this software, users can also convert images to various formats, print them and create albums with them in the web.

FreshView features an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. The menu bar has several functions including File, Edit, Image, View, Tools, Change Language, Plugins, Help and Support Site. The toolbar has frequently used commands for opening files, cutting files, copying files, managing views and a lot more.
The leftmost side of the interface shows a treeview of the user’s hard disk, allowing him to navigate the files he needs to view. When a folder is selected, the files in it are automatically displayed on the center screen on thumbnail view. The user can click on the image to view it as a single image. While this software is offered for free, free registration is required if the user plans to use it for more than 23 days.