FreshDevices Corp. (Freeware)

FreshDownload is an application that allows users to manage their downloads. Downloading is the process whereby users get files such as videos, applications, images, audio files from the Internet. It automatically resumes download process in case there is an interruption on the Internet connection. It also utilize a unique process of using multiple connections with a maximum of eight when downloading a single file, which significantly hastens the download speed. It is easily integrated into popular web browsers or search engines like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and others. This only requires the user to just copy the download link and the software will take over the entire download process.

The user interface of FreshDownload includes File, Download, View, Tools and Help menus. Below the menu bar are functions for Add, Delete, Del Done, Start, Pause, Stop, Schedule Properties, Options, Disconnect, and Shutdown. The application allows users to schedule their download. It also has a drag and drop functionality, so users can simply drag URLs to the main interface to start the download process. The download screen displays the names of the files, as well as the size, download size status, percentage of download, estimated time, schedule or time when the download will begin, description of the file and the URL address, or download link. Users can also right click on a file and select from a variety of functions, such as Add New URL, Delete from list, Start download, Pause Download, Stop Download, Restart Download, and Schedule.