FreshDevices, Corp. (Freeware)

FreshDiagnose is a benchmark program used for analyzing and benchmarking different types of hardware (e.g. video system information, CPU performance, motherboard information, hard disk performance) and software. The program has two main functions – System Benchmarks and System Information. Its System Information feature is used for scanning the system and providing detailed report about the computer’s software and hardware while the System Benchmarks is used for testing the system’s performance.

FreshDiagnose has seven benchmark tests. These are CPU Processor, CPU Multimedia, Memory, Hard Disk, CD, Network and Display Adapter. The CPU Processor benchmark is used to test the computer’s CPU Processor based on the Whetstone and Dhrystone algorithms. The CPU Multimedia benchmark is for performing a set of Intel AMD 3DNow!, SSE, SSE2 and x87 instructions. The Memory Benchmark is capable of testing a set of memory operations while the Hard Disk benchmark can conduct both read and write tests. The CD Benchmark can perform read test on the CD Drives. However, this requires a CD data, CD audio, VCD/DVD as a medium for determining the speed rate. The Network Benchmark conducts read/write tests as well as ping instruction to a particular connection.

The program offers a tree view interface to show the available options and menus. The available menus are Software System, Hardware System, Devices, Network & Internet, Multimedia, Database System, Hardware Resources, Snapshot and Traces. All these menus, when clicked, provide detailed information about the selected category.