Fresh RAM 5.0.0

Reohix (Shareware)

Fresh RAM can free up memory on the computer. It can optimize the memory and free up space by up to 75%. When applications begin to eat up a lot of the computer’s memory, this software can help in improving the computer’s performance. This is particularly useful to computers run a lot of applications all at the same time. It can also reduce instances of computer lags and freezes that are often associated with low memory.

There are 4 main classifications of optimization that Fresh RAM can perform (Fresh, Powerful Optimization, Mega Optimization, and Hyper Optimization). Each has varying levels of RAM that it can free up. Each classification also has varying degrees of how quick the optimization will be. For example, a “Refresh Optimization” can be finished within seconds while “Hyper Optimization” can take a lot of time to finish. The user interface immediately shows the status of the computer’s RAM in a pie chart. Free memory is represented in green, while the blue color represents the used memory. It also has a system memory monitor so that the user can be notified of the computer’s state without running the task manager. The software can also provide additional system tweaks that can speed up the computer.