Freez Screen Video Capture 1.2 (Freeware)

Freez Screen Video Capture is a program developed by for capturing and recording screen activities into the AVI format. The program is capable of recording any area of the screen and the cursor’s movements. It is also capable of using a microphone for narrating screen recordings.

The program’s interface is straightforward. It provides a small interface that offers the basic options for recording screen activities. These options include Record, Pause, and Stop. There is also the Options dialog that provides several configuration options for screen-capturing and screen-recording processes.

The Options dialog box is divided into four categories – Region, Video, Audio, and Hotkeys & Advanced options. The program provides an option to choose between a normal and a fixed region of the screen to be captured or recorded. This option is available under the Region section. Choosing a fixed region allows the user to specify the screen’s height and width. The Video settings allow users to configure the video’s compressor and quality. Configuring the FPS is possible as well. Users may also adjust the settings for the audio. Configuration options for this include format, volume, and compression format. Users may also choose hotkeys for the program. The default hotkeys for record/pause is F7 while the default key for stop/cancel is F8. Users may also choose to minimize the program when it starts recording.