FreeZ Online TV (Freeware)

FreeZ Online TV is an Internet television program that allows users to watch hundreds of television channels online for free. Over 500 television channels are provided by the program. One may be able to view and stream various kinds of television content without the need for an actual television set. As long as there is Internet connection one can use the program to view and stream various television channels.

The application can be accessed and used for free. Television channels included are from and of different world locations. Channels that can be accessed using the program are broadcasted live. The application’s TV channels are organized and categorized. Categories include business, weather, children, news, sports, government, movies, and shopping, just to name a few. However, categories are not classified according to languages or countries. A channel’s language can only be known after the channel has been loaded and not prior to it. The program can be used in full-screen or regular modes. The program’s television stations are also automatically and continuously updated. It is advised that the Internet connection be stable in order to use the program and stream channels hassle-free. Additional configurations and extra features are not included in the program.