Microsoft (Freeware)

FreeWebmPlayer is a video player developed by Microsoft. The program is a completely free and open source media file format. It features compatibility with several browser programs like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari. The program also offers support for HTML5 file formats. This program can play several file formats. It likewise offers conversion functions for all media file formats playable by the same. These file formats include MP4, WMV, WebM, AVI, and 3GP.

FreeWebmPlayer features a silver graphical user interface. There are two tabs on the top corresponding to Player and Converter. The Converter window features two buttons at the upper left portion to Add Video or Download Videos. The left tab groups the files into Converted, Downloaded, and for Conversion. The middle window displays the current videos being downloaded or converted. Each file shows media information as to file name, file type, and file format. The program provides a preview window located in the upper right portion of the Converter window. Users may configure the file name, video size, and quality of the converted or output file. The Player window enables users to playback any downloaded, converted, or added video file. Users may also perform some video customization options including contrast, saturation, and brightness settings and rotate or flip frame functions. The program likewise supports clip merging and video trimming.