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FreeSpace is a space combat simulation computer game series initially released 1998. The first installment is the Descent: Freespace - The Great War, where the player flies out on missions aboard a starfighter to investigate and destroy targets. The game can be played in single-player and multi-player modes. The players advance to the next level by completing the missions, which can affect the course of their game. For example, if an enemy escapes in one of the battles, that enemy can come back later in the game. Training missions are also given on an optional basis during the game to introduce advance commands and techniques, which will be required on the succeeding levels. This game can be played with the mouse, joysticks, or even with just the keyboard.

FreeSpace is set on a futuristic time when humans have found a way to travel in space. They have set up a community in space called Galactic Terrain Alliance (GTA), which is being attacked by the alien Parliamentary Vasudan Empire. There is no complete backstory given on the game on how the war started but bits and pieces are given through text on the entire game. Depending on how the players performance on each mission, the game gives out a slightly different ending or path, in which way players are able to play it again and get an entirely new gaming experience.