FreeSizer 1.00

WinBit Software (Freeware)

FreeSizer is a tool used for resizing photos and images. This is useful for sending photos through email or uploading on websites, so users do not have to deal with large files. The application is easy to use even for novice computer users. It supports the drag and drop feature, allowing users to just drag a photo to the application’s window in order to import it to the program.

The main user interface has two main tabs, and additional tab about the program. The first tab, which is the Profile tab, displays all the files that were dropped to the application. It displays the filename, dimensions of the images, its file size, the new dimensions, and the estimated size. There are preset settings that users can just select from a list. The presets are for email, social networks, instant messengers, and others. Users just need to click on the “Start Resizing” button to finish the task. Users can also view a preview of the picture.

Under the settings tab, users can change the saving options for the resized images by changing the appended word on the filename and choosing the save location. Users can also create their own resizing profiles under settings.