FreeScreenSharing (Freeware)

FreeScreenSharing is a communications application that enables users to conduct web conferencing, screen sharing, product demonstrations, and similar uses over the Internet. The service is free and users will only have to create an account at the program’s website. Users can then simply type their username and password to log in the program and host or attend online conferences or seminars. Up to a thousand persons can connect to an online meeting, which can last up to six hours at a time.

Users can host meetings, conferences, and webinars. As presenters, they have the ability to disconnect participants or transfer rights to another. Users will be able to see the screens of every participant. Users are provided with meeting controls, placed in the Meeting Dashboard on the user interface. Through the Dashboard, users can participate in a conference call while maintaining private chats with other users. The Dashboard also enables users to customize the different aspects of their meetings.

Hosting a meeting is done by logging on to the site and filling out the required fields in the appropriate box. The meeting dashboard will then be displayed, and this is where users can click on the green button to start. They can also click on the button marked Invite Others to contact meeting participants and inform them that the meeting is in progress. After each meeting, the program will generate a meeting detail report, showing the list of participants, date, time, and duration of the meeting.