FreeRIP World Browser

MGShareware (Freeware)

FreeRIP World Browser is a freeware for the exclusive use of Windows operating system users. The program supports numerous audio file formats that convert music tracks into MP3, FLAC, WMA, WAV and OGG Vorbis. The program is also designed to rip CD tracks using a personal computer running on Windows. The main usage of this utility is for the digitalization of CD collections for playback on MP3 players, smartphones, and other current mobile hardware.

FreeRIP World Browser has user-friendly features including ID3V2 tagging, CD-text function, and multi track ripping. With the application, avid music listeners can easily convert music files, compile them, and create playlists of their favorite tunes for personal listening or for sharing with friends on various platforms, including social media. The converted tracks may be used as a smartphoner ringtone or an alarm tune. The conversion process is backed by a powerful engine that ensures no loss of audio quality so that the tracks may be fully enjoyed by the listener.

FreeRIP World Browser by MGShareware makes is convenient to burn a collection of songs into a CD as well. All the functions are launched from a simple, easy to navigate user interface with multilingual capabilities.

FreeRIP may be downloaded from the Internet as shareware and is available with free technical support.