Codyssey (Freeware)

Freeraser is a tool for permanently deleting files from the computer. Files that are deleted from the computer can be retrieved using file recovery applications. Personal information deleted from the system can be seen by other users. With the Freeraser application, the files are shredded to make sure that they can never be retrieved. Freeraser offers three modes of destruction. These are:

• Fast – In this destruction mode, the application uses the standard one-pass random data filling.
• Forced – This method uses the DoD 5220.22M standard for shredding, which does three rounds of random data filling.
• Ultimate – The ultimate destruction method makes use of the Guttman algorithm, a system used for erasing contents on hard drives. It does 35 rounds of random data filling.

After installation, Freeraser puts a bin on the desktop. The items that must be deleted from the computer can be dragged and dropped to the bin. Users can also configure the program’s settings by clicking on the bin. The bin’s size and transparency can be changed, too. The application also has an alert feature that displays a warning message on the desktop whenever an item is about to be deleted. The alert can be disabled or enabled from the settings menu. Freeraser has a drag and drop feature where users can just drag files to be deleted to the bin, just like the Windows recycle bin.