FreeRapid Downloader

Vity (Open Source)

FreeRapid Downloader is a Java download manager program developed by Vity. It supports a variety of websites including YouTube, Rapidshare, Picasa, Facebook, DepositFiles, and other file-sharing websites. The program works by copying and pasting website links to the interface and the application handles the downloading. It uses an engine based on different plug-ins that allows it to download files from different websites. Aside from the copy-and-paste feature, the program also provides supports for clipboards. It has the ability to monitor clipboards for links. Whenever a link is copied/cut, it automatically adds that link to the program’s queue.

Other features available in FreeRapid Downloader include the following:

• Download history
• Streamed images/videos support
• Auto shutdown options
• Automatic plug-ins updates
• Concurrent downloading from several services

FreeRapid Downloader’s interface is clear-cut. The main window displays the main area where the progress of the download is being shown. The main window also displays information about the video being downloaded including name, progress, completion, estimate time, speed, and others. Users may also sort files being downloaded. The up, down, top, and bottom buttons can be used for this feature. The program also offers several configuration options available in the Preferences window. This is where users can configure connections, user interface settings, plug-ins, general, alerts, and miscellaneous settings for the program.