FreeMind 0.9.0

FreeMind team (Freeware)

FreeMind is an open-source mind-mapping software developed by the FreeMind team. This program allows users to create detail-oriented mind maps for specific projects complete with specific tasks, subtasks, and timeframes. FreeMind can also be used as a workplace for future projects where specific files, links, and executable files may be included. FreeMind users also use it as a knowledge base composed of moderate-sized notes about different topic or themes, or a dynamic database for yet unknown projects with definite structures. Individual data entered into the mind map are stored in nodes, which can be moved around the map.

FreeMind features HTML link following for web and local file directories. It features folding and unfolding of locations in one click. HTML link following can also be done in one click. This software also features Smart Drag and Drop, Smart copying and pasting into, and Smart copying and pasting from the map. FreeMind also supports Map to HTML conversions while maintaining the folding/unfolding functionality. FreeMind also offers Find and Find Next facility. This software also supports long multi-line node editing even with new lines. Nodes may also be decorated with built-in colors, icons and font styles.

FreeMind stores mind maps in XML based file formats. It supports conversions to other mind mapping tools. FreeMind also has a File Mode, which allows users to browse computer files. Folder structures are temporarily viewed as mind maps.