FreeLaunch 2.0

Tordex (Shareware)

FreeLaunch is a desktop application that allows the user to organize shortcuts on the task bar. The application integrates with the taskbar and transforms it to contain menus. This means the programs can be organized into groups. When a shortcut is clicked, it can display a popup menu. The popup menu can then display another group of shortcuts. This allows proper shortcut categorization and management. It also saves desktop space. Launching applications can also be done in a quick manner.

FreeLaunch supports unlimited levels of menus on the taskbar. The groups are divided with separators for a proper view of the icons. Furthermore, it supports keyboard hotkeys. This allows program navigation through the use of the keyboard. Additional shortcuts can be added using a drag and drop function. Users can drag the shortcut into the taskbar and put it in the preferred group of shortcuts. There is also the ability to change the shortcut icons. It allows the usage of PNG images as icons.

FreeLaunch constantly provides tips on how to use the application from time to time. It also supports a number of plugins like a weather app or an email monitor. The user interface's theme can also be changed, allowing the user to customize its colors or change the interface skin completely.