Freejack is a parkour-racing online game that allows the user to compete with other players across an urban metropolis. The user plays one of four game characters racing across town while performing stunts to increase speed and gain bonuses, like access to hidden paths and shortcuts. The user can personalize their characters with items bought with game currency. The game features an in-game living space that the user can customize with furniture and accessories.

Freejack lets the user choose one of four characters to race online against eight other users across New Jack City. The user can gain Jack currency, bonuses, and items when performing stunts while racing. There are four game modes for the user to choose from.

• Training – an in-game character named MoMo will teach the user new skills. As training progresses, the user can earn Jack currency to buy items from MoMo’s shop and other items along the course.
• Versus – puts the user against eight other users in two race types. The users can race solo or in a team of four players. Solo wins are based on time placements and team wins are based on overall team standings.
• Item Mode – the user can perform stunts over obstacles and gain items to use against opponents.
• Speed Mode – items are unavailable and the user must win by performing stunt combinations, avoiding obstacles, and finding shortcuts.
• Hell – the user must race in a zombie-filled city.
• Lap Time – the user must race against the clock to get the fastest time.