Freedom Force (R) vs. The 3rd Reich

Irrational Games (Proprietary)

Freedom Force (R) vs. The 3rd Reich is an RPG developed and released by Irrational Games on March 2005. The game is the sequel to Freedom Force, a 2002 video game by the same developer. On the first game, the player assists a team of superheroes as they battle against villains and monsters in Patriot City. In this sequel, the player will help the same group of superheroes to achieve another lofty goal—to travel back in time and save the world from the Nazi terror.

Freedom Force (R) vs. The 3rd Reich starts off when Nuclear Winter tried to steal nuclear missiles using Time Master’s inert body. The nuclear missiles were stored in the Cuban Missile Crisis center. He did this to try to spark a war between USSR and the US. The Freedom Force was able to stop him. However, they found out later that this event changed history and the timeline now reflects a USSR victory during the World War II. Mentor leads the group back in history by tracing the disturbances on the timeline. They search out the timeline for Blitzkrieg, the source of the disturbance. The goal of the game is to defeat Blitzkrieg with the help of the other superheroes. Other villains and characters that made an appearance are Alchemiss, Time Master, and Man Bot. During the battles, Alchemiss turns into Entropy due to her powers expanding abruptly causing her to go insane. Alchemiss tries to kill herself during one lucid interval, however, another character made an appearance—Energy X.