Freeciv 2.3.4

The Freeciv Project (Open Source)

Freeciv is a computer game inspired by the Civilization series of video games. In this game, the player starts as a tribal leader in the year 4000 BC. The player will then guide his people through the centuries. In time, emerging technologies will allow the civilization to create new structures, train new units, and gain advantages over other empires. The player can wage wars on these other empires also. Alternately, they can also enter into diplomatic relations to form alliances. The game goes on until all the other empires have been absorbed or eradicated. Also, the game ends if the player achieves space colonization or if time runs out. The player who has the highest score will win at the end of the deadline if there are two or more players still remaining in the game. The points given are relative to the civilization size, research advancements, and wealth.

All the rules to play FreeCiv can be configured by the player. Some rules that can be modified are the following:

• The game can involve a large number of players as set by users. Up to 126 players are allowed.
• The rate of how technology develops in the game
• If AI opponents invade the player's base or not
• How the cities are built and how close they are to each other
• How large or small the map is