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Frecell is a solitaire card game that uses a 52-card deck. The game includes other forms like Frecell, Eight Off, Stalacticites, and Frecell Two Decks. This game can be played by means of using actual card deck or by using a computer program. This game is a free application usually available in Windows Operating Systems. Frecell has an upgradable version by buying additional features online to access other game options. The most recent version of this game is Frecell Solitaire 2012 which is compatible with Windows 8 Operating System. Upon playing the game, users will make use of a user-friendly interface that compliments the desktop background display. The interface also matches the Ribbon toolbars and Start button menu. Users can customize the game play by changing the card back color and game background. The tool option enables users to change the card speed and configure other additional effects.  

The New Game option can open any of the four games mentioned above. This option displays a game preview. Before starting a new game, users are prompted to select the difficulty level, game time and skill level. The menu option includes an info button, which provides guidelines for the game mechanics and features. This help menu includes basic rules for playing a solitaire game.