FreeArc 0.666

Bulat Ziganshin (Freeware)

FreeArc is a data compression program that was first released in 2010. The program makes use of LZMA (Lempel-Ziv-Markov Chain Algorithm), PPMD (Prediction by Partial Matching), True Audio, and other compression algorithms for archiving files. Other algorithms are also used for faster compression (GRZIP and Tornado). All in all, the FreeArc application uses 11 algorithms and filters for archiving. Advanced computer users have the option to set the compression algorithm settings when archiving different types of files by creating compression profiles or changing the pre-set profiles that are included in the program.

FreeArc is integrated in Windows operating systems. Users do not need to launch the program to compress files. Archiving can be done by selecting files and then clicking the right mouse button. The FreeArc option has a drop down menu that contains all the tasks that can be done with the application. Users can change the compression options, too, such as the compression level (maximum, very fast, normal, high, HDD speed), compression profile, bytes, and many more. Users can also view the archive information dialogue to see details on the compressed file (files, total bytes, compressed bytes, encryption algorithms, etc.).

Other features of the program are:
• Solid compression with smart updates
• Support for SFX (self-extracted archives)
• Archive protection and recovery