FreeAgent Theater

Seagate Technology LLC (Shareware)

FreeAgent Theater is an easy to use hard-drive based multimedia player solution that is available for download from the Internet. FreeAgent Theater is essentially a marriage between home theater systems and personal computers. What this application does is give the user a utility that gives them the opportunity to enjoy their home theater systems while using their personal computers.

This utility is easy to set up such that it does not require any special knowledge or training. Seagate’s FreeAgent Theater is a straightforward tool with an easy navigation system. It has the capability to play up to 1080i resolution output. Aside from video playback, this program is also capable of audio playback and viewing of still images. This program can sync together all the media files from the computer to the hard drive.

The affordable FreeAgent Theater package includes a specially designed removable hard drive. The purchaser can choose between a 250 GB or 500GB removable drive. The media player also comes in the form of a USB flashdrive. After installation of the software on the computer, the user only needs to connect the docking stations to a couple of adjacent USB ports.

FreeAgent Theater is available from Seagate, an established creator of hard drives.