DvdVideoSoft Ltd. (Freeware)

Free3DVideoMaker is an application that allows users to create 3D videos from regular videos. Creating a 3D video can be done using just one source file or two sources files. The program has a simple interface that provides all the tasks and buttons for creating 3D videos. For creating a 3D video with two video sources, click on the ‘Open Left Video’ and ‘Open Right Video’ buttons. Take note that the resulting video will have better results if the two source videos have about two to three inches of horizontal shift. If using one video, check the box beside ‘Use single video’.

Users have the freedom to adjust the shift that happens between the left and the right video. There is also an option for choosing just a portion of the video to convert to 3D. Free3DVideoMaker has four algorithms available. These are:

• Color Anaglyph (Red-Cyan) – This is the standard anaglyph in red and blue.
• True Anaglyph (Dark) – The resulting image for this anaglyph will be darker than the original image.
• Gray Anaglyph – The resulting image is gray-painted.
• Optimized Anaglyph – This provides a better color.

After setting all the options, click on the Make 3D! button at the bottom of the main window and wait for the program to process the video.