Free YouTube Uploader 2.3

DVDVideoSoft Limited. (Freeware)

Free YouTube Uploader is a video converter tool that lets users upload videos to YouTube. This tool can do the process without accessing YouTube's web interface. It is ideal for people who upload multiple videos often.

To install the Free YouTube Uploader, launch the program first. It will ask the user to enter the YouTube account and password. An option for the program to remember the account information can be enabled. The program can be authorized in 2 ways. First is by YouTube login. The user's Channel name will be used. The second is through a Gmail account. Simply enter the Gmail address and a portion of the user's channel URL. Users can find the channel’s URL by going to their YouTube account.

Information can be added to the video being uploaded by the users. The program will use the video file name as the default title and description. Users can customize the following parameters:

• Title
• Description
• Tags
• Category
• Privacy

Users can also use a proxy server when uploading. Simply fill in the Address and Port. The time it takes for a video to be uploaded will depend on the video's duration and the user's internet connection speed.