Free Word Excel Password Recovery Wizard 2.0.9

Free Password Recovery Software (Freeware)

Free Word Excel Password Recovery Wizard is a password recovery wizard tool designed to retrieve passcodes and recover lost passwords of Microsoft Word and Excel. The tool uses two types of hacking modes: brute force and dictionary attack. The brute-force attack mode simply involves the random sampling and matching of possible character combinations. On the other hand, the dictionary mode is referred to as such, since it works just like a dictionary by trying as many words possible found on its dictionary-like pool of words. Either mode is useful in hacking codes for files that are no longer accessible to the user because of forgotten or lost passwords.

Free Word Excel Password Recovery Wizard comes in a plain, yet intuitive and sublime interface that is easy-to-navigate and use. It is capable of updating texts in different programs and files through its rapid password generation time. Once the tool has successfully retrieved the code, a separate dialog box pops out, where it is displayed. Additionally, the program also allows users to copy and paste the password to its clipboard for longer storage. Free Word Excel Password Recovery Wizard has a multi-language facility that caters to the needs of its users at a personal level. Finally, the application is capable of hacking up to six to eight character combinations.