Free WMA to MP3 Converter (Freeware)

Jodix Free WMA to MP3 Converter is a program that enables users to convert their audio files into MP3 format. This program supports and can convert Windows Media Audio formats such as WMA, WMV, and ASF into MP3 format. Windows Media Audio is an audio format pack that is compatible for Windows Media Player but may not be supported by other portable players such as MP3 players. Jodix Free WMA to MP3 Converter enables users to play their favorite music into other devices by converting their music files into a MP3-supported format. Jodix Free WMA to MP3 Converter is small, lightweight and is readily available for free download in the Internet.

Jodix Free WMA to MP3 Converter features a simple interface that has three parts. First is the task list panel where users can add multiple audio files to be converted. Users can select audio files by ticking the checkbox beside the file name. The second part is the task button panel. In this section, users are provided with different buttons such as Add files, Remove, Edit, Start (convert), Help, and About. Clicking the “Edit” button will generate a window where users can edit the selected audio file’s information such as the Title, Album name, Artist, Genre, Year when the track was released, and add a user comment. The final part of the user interface is the Converting Settings panel located on the bottom part of the window. This section displays information related to the conversion process.