Free Window Registry Repair 2.7 (Freeware)

Free Window Registry Repair is an application that finds and fixes errors in the Windows registry. As a result, the computer runs faster. The program has a simple interface. On the main window, the task buttons are located at the left side. From there, users can choose to start a full scan or custom scan of the system. The full scan checks the entire system registry, while the custom scan allows the user to select parts of the system to scan. After the computer scan, results are shown on the main window. There are boxes beside each of the errors and users can choose to fix them or leave them on the system by removing the check mark on the box. After going through the error list, the program automatically fixes the errors. This can be done by clicking the ‘Fix Errors’ located at the left side of the window.

One of the features of Free Window Registry Repair is the registry backup. Before fixing the errors in the system, the application can set a restore point. This allows users to restore the system back to a working condition if ever something goes wrong after repairing the system. Restoring the system can be done by clicking the ‘Restore’ button and choosing the back-up file from the list.