Free WebM to AVI Converter 1.0

PolySoft Solutions (Freeware)

The Free WebM to AVI Converter program is used for converting .webm files to .avi. The WebM format is an audio video format. The application allows users to convert the files into AVI, which is a more popular video format that is compatible with plenty of devices. This application has a very simple graphical user interface that can be used by both novice and advanced computer users. Files to be converted can be added to the program by clicking on the “Add…” button on the main window, or simply by dragging the files from their location on the computer onto the application’s main window. The files to be converted appear as a list and their filenames and location in the system can be viewed as well.

The user has only option to set before converting the files. They can choose to save the output file in the same folder as the source file or to a different folder. Afterwards, users just need to click on the “Convert to AVI” button in order to start converting the files. One of the main features of the Free WebM to AVI Converter is batch conversion, which allows users to convert several files simultaneously in order to save time.