Free Video Flip and Rotate

DVDVideoSoft Limited. (Freeware)

Free Video Flip and Rotate is an application that allows a user to rotate or flip video in any way with a single mouse click.  This utility is very easy and fast, and is most useful for videos that have not been accurately or suitably recorded.  Such videos normally come from that of mobile phones and cameras. It is available in seven types of presets.  These options are: rotate the video 90 degrees  CCW, rotate the video 90 degrees CW, rotate the video 180 degrees, flip the video horizontally, flip the video vertically, flip the video vertically and turn it 90 degrees CCW, and lastly flip the video vertically and turn it 90 degrees CW.

To make use of this application, one simply has to select the video to be edited, specify the preset to be used and simply click on the Start button.  Free Video Flip and Rotate offers convenience to its users as it is a simple tool and application of its functions only takes a few minutes.  Fixed videos in AVI format are the only ones that can be saved by this application whatever the source format is.  The application also does not allow users to create new presets. The application has a simple user-interface that can be used by both beginners and advanced users.