Free Video editor


Free Video Editor is an application primarily used for creating and editing videos. The program has a number of multimedia effects to change how the video looks. For example, it has a color correction utility. This utility automatically corrects the video's color levels. If the video looks pale, the editor can automatically make it vibrant with the help of this utility. The brightness tool adjusts the illumination levels in the video.

Free Video Editor supports a number of video formats. These formats include MP4, 3GP, WMV, and FLV. To use the program, the user first creates a "new project." This can be done through the "new project" tab in the upper left portion of the interface. The user does not need to finish a project right away. It can be saved, to be opened and modified at a later time through the "open project" button at the upper portion of the window. The video being edited is situated at the main pane. At the left portion are the project folders. This allows the user to check all created projects immediately. While editing the video, the user can click the "preview" pane, allowing the user to check the output file before it is actually completed. Free Video Editor also has the ability to combine and split video clips.