Free Video Cutter

FreeVideoCutter (Freeware)

Free Video Cutter is a simple video editing program developed by FreeVideoCutter and released on November 2012. The program features video extraction and cutting capabilities. It supports a variety of video file formats including FLV, MP4, AVI, and WMV, among others. The program also enables users to have audio output in MP3 format. The program allows users to make precise cuts for extraction and trimming. This is possible by changing the precision value for the video from 10-200. The default value is set at 60. The precision value determines the number of divisions on the selected video. The higher the value, the more precise users can edit, trim, and cut the video.

Free Video Cutter user interface sports a grey and green theme. The window is divided between the preview pane, the file list, and the start and end point counters. Adding files in the file list can be done through the Add file button or by dragging and dropping files on the file list. The preview pane features the usual playback buttons at the bottom. Editing and cutting the video is done through the start and end point counters. Frame count is done in seconds and milliseconds. Users may also utilize the Start and End point sliders located at the bottom of the preview pane. However, the sliders can be difficult to manipulate. The counters are best for finetuning the cut.