Free Video Catcher 2.0

KastorSoft (Freeware)

Free Video Catcher is a streaming multimedia downloader developed by the company, KastorSoft. As the program’s name clearly indicates, it enables users to instantly download videos online as they are playing. It can download videos from almost any website like Dailymotion, Google Videos, YouTube, Vimeo, and LastFM. This program is compatible with a wide range of file formats including MP3, FLV, MP4 as well as Theora and WebM video formats. Once the Free Video Catcher is running and set in capture mode, it begins monitoring any streaming media and captures a local copy of what the user is watching.

Users can also narrow down the download to only the audio file of a video by switching to ‘Audio’ mode. To prevent automatically downloading more videos than intended, the user should simply deactivate the program during casual browsing. The interface features a screen, which is divided into two main parts: the menu and download management area. The top most row displays options for File, Language, and Parameters, and the bottom of this row the user will see buttons for various download and capture tasks. The open space at the center displays the list of videos being downloaded including their respective file sizes and download progress.