Free USB Disk Security 1.1

AVD SOFT (Freeware)

Free USB Disk Security is a security tool developed by AVD Soft. It was released in May 2013. This program protects the computer from malicious programs that may infect it via the USB ports. It scans removable drives and other drives connected via USB for virus, malware, and other malicious files. Scanned viruses and malwares are then removed by the program before these can infect the system.

Free USB Disk Security features a green-and-grey user interface. The UI offers a row of buttons on the left panel corresponding to the different functions the program has. These buttons are as follows: Home, USB Shield, USB Scan, Repair System, Check for Updates, and About. The USB shield tab provides universal protection for the system with devices that will be connected to it via any of the USB ports. The USB Scan option is another level of protection. Users may choose to scan a USB or thumb drive currently connected to check if there may be malicious files that were able to bypass the USB Shield. The USB Scan interface features a table showing the scanned files that it may deem Risky or Viral. Function buttons are located at the bottom corresponding to Scan, Stop, Delete, and Delete All. The Repair System tab enables the user to repair any changes made to the system by the malicious file.