Free Spider Solitaire

TreeCardGames (Freeware)

Free Spider Solitaire is a computer card game that challenges the most skilled players to clear a full deck of cards from the screen. This game features a great layout, autoplay option, engaging sounds, and a fast game play. The extremely high number of possibilities (nine trillion in all) gives players a fresh new challenge every time they open the game.

There are five games included in the game suite, namely Spider One Suit, Spider Two Suits, Spider Four Suits, Simple Simon, and Rouge et Noir. Free Spider Solitaire allows for customization, including the backgrounds, card sets, and the design on the back of the deck of cards.

In Free Spider Solitaire the player has to remove all the cards on the board in sequence from the King to the Ace. It may sound easy but this has to be done in the same suit in one column. The web of cards can pose an extreme challenge to the player of Free Spider Solitaire.

Clicking on the pile of cards to get a new one for each column is how a player gets out of being stuck in a tight corner. Clearing a set of cards clears them from the screen. But in order to win, all the cards contained in the ten columns must be removed. This classic card game presents more than enough challenges to even the most skilled player.