Free Sound Recorder

CoolMedia (Freeware)

Free Sound Recorder is an application that allows users to record sounds from different sources. The program is capable of recording audio from discs, tape players, portable music players, streaming audio, and any sound from the computer. It supports different file formats including MP3, WAV, and WMA. The program has a built-in advanced recording engine that creates high quality sound files. The application works with the computer’s sound card to capture sounds. Recording sounds can be done in just three steps.

The program’s interface is simple. The main window shows the recording device, recording mixer, volume, and balance. To start recording sounds, click on the red button. The sound levels for the right and left sides are shown, too.

Free Sound Recorder allows users to enhance the recordings with the settings available. The program comes with simple audio editing functions, such as crop, copy, paste, delete, and cut. Audio effects can be added to the recordings, too. Some of the effects included are echo, amplify, chorus, normalize, compressor, fade in and fade out.

Furthermore, the software has a schedule-recording feature. This allows users to schedule a recording for regular Internet radio shows. The recording time can be set daily, weekly, or just one instance.