Free Serial Port Terminal

Junas Jundra (Shareware)

Free Serial Port Terminal is a tool that computer users can make the most of to run serial port diagnostics. It also offers users a tool for analysis. Free Serial Port Terminal is lightweight and versatile. This program provides users with a log of all their activities. This utility is beneficial to developers and computer programmers because of its simplicity despite its multiple capabilities.

Free Serial Port Terminal is a multi-purpose application that can debug and troubleshoot the connection as soon as it finishes checking serial port devices. Free Serial Port Terminal is designed to check modem settings and adjust databits, flow control parameters, stop bits, etc. It is a useful tool to have at hand for any kind of work which involves serial port terminals.

The interface of Free Serial Port Terminal is comprehensive and easy to navigate. The user can maximize the features and transit commands of different kinds to serial ports. The same application offers users tools to create these multiple commands. Free Serial Port Terminal is largely a session-based computer application, which lets the user set and save setting options. The parameters for individual sessions can be saved using separate names for a range of hosts.

Free Serial Port Terminal is capable of receiving and sending many different data types including binary, hexadecimal, octal, and ASCII string.