Free Ringtone Maker 5.2.2

MediaJet Software (Shareware)

Free Ringtone Maker by MediaJet Software is a computer program that enables users to create music or audio files that serve as ringtones of cellular or mobile phones. Users can simply add any audio file saved in the computer to the application’s interface through the drag and drop method. Other than the audio files found in the PC, users may also transfer or copy soundtracks or music from removable devices, such as CDs, DVDs, karaoke discs, and USB flash drives.

This application has easy-to-use interface. It takes only three steps for users to process the creation of mobile phone ringtones. There is also an option to edit audio files. Users can just select the options on the zoomable waveform. They can trim any part of the audio and use the remaining fraction as the ringtone. Configuration and other settings can be specified or modified depending on the preference of the user.

Another advanced feature of Free Ringtone Maker is the search function. This makes it easier for users to find and select audio files they want to use to create ringtones. They can search through the artist or band’s name, title of the album or CD, record label, and track information or description.

Some of the supported phones for Free Ringtone Maker include the iPhone, and Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, and Motorola mobile phones.