Free Registry Cleaner 4.25

AML Software - AMLSOFT.COM (Freeware)

Free Registry Cleaner is used for removing junk files and unnecessary items in the registry to keep it clean. It also repairs errors that are found in the system. The application scans the system for entries that may be the cause of a slow computer. It comes with more than 20 file extensions that are typically considered junk files. Additionally, users can add their own file extensions to the list so that they will be included in the cleaning process the next time a system scan is run. Free Registry Cleaner also comes with a Wizard that will take the user through the step-by-step process of cleaning the computer.

The program also comes with a set of tools for optimizing the computer. These are:

• Disk Cleaner – This is a tool for getting rid of all unnecessary items that are found in the system.
• Startup Manager – The Startup Manager can be used to select only the important programs to automatically launch during system start-up. Removing unnecessary start-up programs makes the boot time faster.
• Uninstall Manager – This tool is used for uninstalling programs from the system.
• Process Manager – Advanced computer users can make use of this tool to check the processes that are running on the system.

After the system scan, the program displays a list of all processes that are running. This allows the user to check which processes can be terminated in order to optimize the system.