Free Pascal 2.6.2

Florian Klämpfl and team (Open Source)

Free Pascal, or FPK Pascal, is a 32-bit and 640bit Pascal compiler that targets several processor architectures such as PowerPC, AMD64/x86-64, Intel x86, ARM and others. It is used for compiling programs that are written in Pascal. It supports multiple operating systems including Linux, Mac OS X, Wind32/64, Nintendo GBA, Nintendo Wii and more. The program’s user interface is console-based, which is commonly features in older compilers. The program also acts faster as compared to other IDEs because of its code optimization abilities that include stack frame eliminations, registry allocator and dataflow analyzer.

The program also offers Language features that contain dynamic array in-lining and support, procedure and operator overloading, COM/CORBA/RAW interfaces, ANSI/wide strings and Run-Time Type Information (RTTI). This Pascal compiler does not require Makefiles, which helps save time. It is no longer necessary to grow roots when compiling applications. The IDE that comes with the program works on multiple platforms. This enables users to write, debug and compile programs using different operating systems. The program features assembler integration as well, which can be used to combine Pascal code with assembler code. Converting programs into ATT is possible also.

Free Pascal features a Smart Linker, which leaves out codes or variables that aren’t usable. The program is also compatible with other Pascal compilers making it easy to access existing Pascal codes created using another compiler.