Free Opener

EZ Freeware (Freeware)

Free Opener is an application that enables users to view different kinds of files without having the need to download different programs. The software supports more than 80 file formats for code files, images, web pages, media files, RAW images, archives, and lots more. The program’s main window is simple. It contains only four main options. These are File, Edit, View, and Help.

To view files, click on File and choose Open from the drop down menu. A new window will open. Users can choose a file and click ‘Open’ on the window. The file will then open in the main window of the application. Users can make changes to the file within the program’s window. There are also other tool buttons that are located at the top portion of the window. Users can rotate the file, zoom in or zoom out, and edit the contents. Additionally, users can print out a copy of the file if the file format supports it. To view a complete list of all the file formats that the program can open, click on About under Help. Other formats that the program is capable of opening are:

• Flash animation
• Torrent
• Rich Text Format
• Icons
• Apple Pages

Free Opener allows users to change the interface’s skin under the Preferences menu.