Free MP3 Sound Recorder 1.9

NBX Soft (Freeware)

Free MP3 Sound Recorder is an audio recording software developed by NBX Soft and released on October 2007. This program can record sounds from several audio input sources and save the same in an audio file format. For input, the Free MP3 Sound Recorder can recognize sounds from an installed microphone. Music playing from any music player like the Media Player of Windows, Real Player, Quick Time, and Winamp can count as input audio. The program also recognizes audio input from an Internet streaming radio or from Flash. All these audio inputs can be recorded and the resulting file may be saved using WAV, MP3, VOX, or OGG file formats.  Output audio may be further customized in terms of bitrate, frequency, quality, and channel.

The Free MP3 Sound Recorder user interface features a blue window with a menu bar that displays the options for File, Record, and Help. The middle portion of the window shows a Wave-form representation of the audio recording. The bottom bar features functional buttons for Add audio, Record, Pause, Stop, and Play. Clicking on Record under the File menu enables users to access the Device options dialog box. This dialog box allows users to choose the audio source, as well as choose the type of recording for that particular operation. Users have an option to choose between Stereo Mix and Wave Mix.