Free MP3 CD Burner

AVD SOFT (Freeware)

Free MP3 CD Burner is a tool used for burning MP3 audio tracks into audio discs that can be played using a standard disc player. This CD burning tool has a simple and easily navigable interface that can be operated by just about anyone.

Audio files for burning can be added to the program by using the browser. Users can also drag and drop audio tracks to the interface. All MP3 files are displayed as a list with their complete file name, file size, and date. Users can then choose a device to use for writing the disc, the write speed, and type in the volume ID. There are also other settings that can be enabled or disabled including automatically verifying data, finalizing the disc, test writing, and using buffer protection. When all the settings are configured according to their preference, users can click the “Write Disc” button to begin burning the selected tracks to the audio disc.

Free MP3 CD Burner also comes with other tools and functions. Users can save an image file as an ISO file, write an audio disc from an ISO file, and even erase the contents from a rewritable disc. The program is easy to use and does not clog up system resources.