Free Mouse Auto Clicker 3.0 (Freeware)

Free Mouse Auto Clicker is a system utilities tool used for setting up automatic mouse clicks for both personal and business purposes. It is the freeware version of the Advanced Mouse Auto Clicker with up to par features, such as performance, quality, among others. Free Mouse Auto Clicker comes in a very simply refined design and interface. The software is designed to carry out predetermined mouse clicks be it left clicks, right clicks, single clicks, or even double clicks. Users can simply select any of these clicking options and choose the number of times they want this gesture to be repeated.

Free Mouse Auto Clicker's main window is divided into four areas corresponding to its four main features: Click Point, Click Interval, Click Hotkey, and Click Options. The Click Point feature refers to the exact location where the automatic mouse clicking gesture is to be done. Upon checking this feature, users are asked to point their mouse to the location where they want the software to click later on. On the other hand, Click Interval deals with the spacing or intervals and the number of clicks the tool should perform. The interval could be set per hour, or in minutes, seconds, or even in a split second fashion. Moreover, Click HotKey is the feature that controls the start time and end time of the repeating gesture. Finally, Click Options basically covers the type of click users want the software to perform. They can either select the left button click or right button click with the combination of either the single click action or the double click action.