Free Monitor for Google

CleverStat (Freeware)

Free Monitor for Google is a free search engine position software which allows SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialists to see the position or ranking of their websites on Google’s top keywords. The idea here is that the higher a website is on the ranking, the more often it will come up when a user enters a certain keyword and consequently, that website will get more visits. It supports more than 50 countries which means that it gives information on how a certain website is able to penetrate more than 50 markets. The monitor communicates with Google through a query searched with the user’s targeted keywords and also shows comparison against competitors.  Data results are exported as .csv file.

The other key features of Free Monitor for Google include the following:

• Supports multiple URLs. The user interface has an add button which allows users to input additional URLs or websites to check. It also keep the data for each URL separate so specialists can check on them separately.
• Can work through a proxy – This is an optional function that can be used to increase speed and by-pass country specific restrictions.
• Imports keywords from a text file – This allows users to input multiple keywords at once using a text file saved a csv
• Can work through the Google Web API
• Supports Unicode