Free JavaScript Editor 4.1

Yaldex Software (Freeware)

A developer will be hard pressed to find a free Integrated Development Environment or IDE for JavaScript with many features that are usually only found in a paid version of a program. Developed by Yaldex Software, the aptly-named Free JavaScript Editor provides programmers and developers with a free IDE that packs the punch of a software developing kit that is usually obtained for a price. It can be used by developers to edit JavaScript code at a professional level, despite only being a free program.

The program includes a proprietary feature called Intellisense. This feature allows developers to code better and easier, thus lowering the chances of erroneous code and other problems that may cause bugs in the program. The program also includes a “Functions and Variables” browser that allows developers to easily navigate through code. Other features that allow for easier coding include a combined color-coded syntax. This is for easy identification of different parts of code such as comments, objects, functions, and methods.

The program includes an intuitive curly brace highlighting method. This is a feature that allows developers to highlight more than one pair of curly braces at a time, allowing them to easily identify where one curly brace starts and another ends. This eliminates syntax errors. In the program, there is also what is called as the JSLint JavaScript Syntax Verifier. JSLint scans source code and shows the developer which certain parts of the code are problematic or could use some improvement.