Free ISO Creator

MiniDVDSoft Limited. (Freeware)

Free ISO Creator is a program that enables users to create ISO images from their computer files. An ISO image is a type of an archive file that is used in an optical disc such as a CD or DVD. ISO images form a single shell that can contain multiple files of different types. ISO images can be created to store various files such as photos, videos, audio, documents, and software. Free ISO Creator enables users to create ISO disc images with customizable folders and subfolders. Users can create new folders and rename existing ones in an ISO image using this program. Free ISO Creator can also allow users to set the maximum size limit for the ISO, allowing it to be written on various optical disc types such as a standard CD, DVD-5, or DVD-9.

Free ISO Creator features a simple interface comprised of a file display panel and a set of command buttons. The display panel enables users to view the files, folders, and subfolders that will be included in the output ISO image file. This section displays the files and folders in a directory tree view. Free ISO creator has different command buttons that is used to perform specific actions. These command buttons include the “Add File(s)” button, which allows users to locate a file and add it in a folder that is included in the ISO image. Another command button is the “Add Folder” button, which is used to add folders in the ISO file. Other command buttons include the “New Folder” which adds a folder in the ISO file or within another folder, the “Rename” button which allows users to change the name of a folder or a subfolder, “Delete Selected” which removes a particular selected file or folder in the ISO file, and the “Delete All” button which deletes all the content of the ISO image file. In addition, Free ISO Creator has command buttons located on the lower portion of the window. These includes the “Size Limit” button, “Save ISO as”, “Options” button, and the “Convert” button which initiates the conversion process.