Free Internet Window Washer 3.1

Eusing (Freeware)

Free Internet Window Washer is an application primarily used for clearing the logs of a computer’s Web activity. This means that when this program is used, the user can delete the user's Internet browsing history, videos watched, and even other applications that keep information regarding said activity. Through the application's "Wash Settings," the user can set which files should be deleted and which should be kept. The types of items are organized in the tabbed interface. Most of the program's use is all about clearing history and other forms of data retained by Web browsers. It can remove browser history, automatic account log-ins, cookies, and even search queries in various search engines accessed by the user.

Other items that can be removed by Free Internet Window Washer include Microsoft's office "Recent" utility. When hovering over a Microsoft Office program in the start menu, the program's most recently used apps are shown at the left of the Free Internet Window Washer interface. This can also be deleted, along with the PC's temporary files and contents of the Recycle Bin. The Recycle Bin is where deleted files are usually kept. Files removed using this cleaning app can be displayed to the user if so preferred.