Free Image Converter

Free Image Converter (Freeware)

Free Image Converter is a photo-manipulation program developed by Free Image Converter. The program does not exactly convert an image from one file format to another. More accurately, this program converts the image file from one size to another. This program also features batch processing of images. This is possible by uploading a folder of images instead of individual ones.

Free Image Converter graphic user interface features a gray-and-blue interface theme. Four buttons just below the menu bar correspond to Add Images, Add Folder, Clear Grid, and Convert. The Grid occupies most of the UI. It displays the images currently loaded for conversion, with the corresponding file names, folder names, and sizes. The Conversion Options box is located to the right of the Grid. It enables users to specify the file dimensions in pixels and the image quality that can be set from 1 as minimum to 100 as maximum. File renaming options are also available, enabling users to leave the file name as is or replace the same with numeric names.

Free Image Converter Advanced options gives users more leeway in setting the file size and image quality. It also provides the option to just click Best Fit for the program to decide the best specifications for the image. As to file renaming, this dialog box enables users to customize the file name to contain prefixes, as well as specify the starting number and number length. This dialog box also allows users to change the output folder path for the converted images.